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CSDC was established in 2004 as a coordinating center for local nonprofits to assist with logistics and proposal writing. After 2009, OSCE involvement ended and the CSDC was expanded.

CSDC was created to encourage dialogue and cooperation between and among civil society, local government, and relevant actors in the Albanian community.



Our Mission

CSDC’s mission is to promote good governance and to empower and mobilize civil society actors, including organizations, community groups, trade unions, individuals, and media. This mission includes an emphasis on citizen participation in local decision-making processes, as well as youth participation, and gender equality.


CSDC accomplishes its mission by engaging in research and advocacy, sharing experiences and information, building partnerships, networking, and lobbying to ensure a well-functioning civil society.

Our Purpose

CSDC Durrës has expanded its capabilities to meet a wide range of demands from its constituency. The Center advises local nonprofits on new programs, creates educational and outreach materials, connects professionals in the community, and facilitates training, workshops, and seminars. This center also provides logistical support including meeting rooms, photocopying, document translation, computer access, fax/telephone lines, and a resource library.

The Center is always looking for new and innovative ways to foster collaboration between government and the nonprofit sector. It is open to the ideas of motivated individuals who seek to improve local conditions and strengthen Albanian democracy. The center encourages and supports the creation of new civil society organizations.

CSDC has earned an outstanding reputation in the Durrës community through the hard work of its creative and dedicated staff.

We believe to our Mission and our Vision

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